Absurd Irrational Human: Procrastination

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Rational Johnny: I never procrastinate. I do what I consciously consider is best for my long-term success and wellbeing.  Human Johnny: I procrastinate sometimes. I don’t think it’s that often. But I don’t understand why it happens. I set out to work or study and find myself scrolling Instagram, or playing some game, or even cleaning. It’s frustrating. Unconscious of Human Johnny: the tasks Johnny wants to do are scary and difficult. I want to avoid risk and conserve energy, so I try to not do them. I also scan the…

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How to get everything you want

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The big secret under your nose You’re smart. You’re educated. You work hard. You have initiative. You have good ideas. You take risks. Yet you cannot break out of being average. You are stuck in an average job. You have great business ideas. But you never finalize any of them into something successful. So you remain in a job with ok money and some validation, but that is soul crushing. You want to be strong and fit. You work out. You eat what people say is healthy. But you feel tired, weak…

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The Hidden Brain Revealed in a Yoghurt Shopping Trip

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We live our life like we buy yoghurt We believe we choose our behaviour. We assume most of the time we make conscious intentional decisions about what we do. We are wrong. Conscious vs unconscious The differences between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind have been studied for a long time. Freud is famous for making us aware of the influence of the unconscious, however most of his theories have been since proven false. More recently Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow defines System 1 and System 2 thinking. System…

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Less is more.

Less of everything makes life better

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Yet we suffocate our lives with more of everything This article is inspired by the Effortless book by Greg McKeown. Reading the section of starting from zero and minimal steps, made me think about other areas where removing things is the solution. I realized this is a pattern: Less is more. We live in a world of abundance. We have a lot of objects, information, tasks, opportunities, decisions, stimuli. This excess is in direct contradiction with our human nature. As a species we evolved in a world of scarcity. Our forager…

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