After one year of working remote from the mountains

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What I learned and decided Photo taken while writing this article A year ago I moved with my girlfriend to a cabin at the foothills of the mountains. We did not leave our jobs or live off the grid. We did not become digital nomads or entrepreneurs. We have been working remote at our same jobs as before. These are knowledge work in advertising and marketing. This is what I have learned after one year of working remote from a cabin in the mountains: 1. I am not going back to…

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Less is more.

Less of everything makes life better

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Yet we suffocate our lives with more of everything This article is inspired by the Effortless book by Greg McKeown. Reading the section of starting from zero and minimal steps, made me think about other areas where removing things is the solution. I realized this is a pattern: Less is more. We live in a world of abundance. We have a lot of objects, information, tasks, opportunities, decisions, stimuli. This excess is in direct contradiction with our human nature. As a species we evolved in a world of scarcity. Our forager…

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Better than microdosing: walks in nature

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One of my more spectacular walks in nature Microdosing with psychedelics is taking a very low sub-hallucinogenic dose of a psychedelic, such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. It has become a popular practice (searches, Reddit). What are the benefits of microdosing?  They are mainly improving mood and focus. One study found 27% for the first and 15% for the second. There is a benefit in mental health: stress, anxiety, depression. And improved creativity. However the latter is self-reported, so it only shows that people think they are more creative, not necessarily that…

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