Better than microdosing: walks in nature

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One of my more spectacular walks in nature Microdosing with psychedelics is taking a very low sub-hallucinogenic dose of a psychedelic, such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. It has become a popular practice (searches, Reddit). What are the benefits of microdosing?  They are mainly improving mood and focus. One study found 27% for the first and 15% for the second. There is a benefit in mental health: stress, anxiety, depression. And improved creativity. However the latter is self-reported, so it only shows that people think they are more creative, not necessarily that…

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The Life Hack of Lifehacks

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What do Information and Food have in common? Underestimating chart showing how overwhelmed we are by the information available now. The short version Written information is the lifehack that has made civilization possible. But now information overwhelms us at an individual level. The lifehack of lifehacks is to deliberately select the information that you process. You do this be creating filters for information and a process to select it. Information from others allows you learn as if you lived a million lives. But be careful from whom you learn. You can learn stupidity…

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I did CrossFit in my ugly Underwear, although I was neither fit nor slim

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The wrong equation of social fear My girlfriend really likes to tell this story about me. Other people find it entertaining. So I thought I should share it. It’s about our deepest fear: social rejection and how it is actually not important in real life. The story: what happened Several years ago I had just started doing CrossFit. I was not very good. I was coming from several years of endurance running. My legs were huge and strong. My upper body was weak and practically devoid of muscles. I was like a pathetic…

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Being Normal Made Me Miserable

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Don’t read this if you are happy living a normal life Warning: self-therapy alert. If you have a great normal life, perfectly happy, then this will not be relevant for you. But if you ever felt the pressure to be normal but then wondered why it is not so great, then this is for you.  Short version My normality and happiness in time I chased being normal: feeling I belong, doing what everyone else does and following what society says is the path to success. I achieved this normal and I was…

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On weakness
How I felt: like a weak calf, unsecure of everything, even standing up

On weakness

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I had an identity crisis from a problem that made me weak, and learned weakness is not being weak.

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What is it and why you should care In short: Dopamine motivates us to act. In excess it makes us addicted. Modern activities hack our biology to secrete excessive dopamine. [natural: reward-motivation neural pathway]  Explaining addictions starts with neurology. The key to addictive behaviour is the mesolimbic/ mesocortical dopamine system. Its central component is the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is they key to addiction. You feel pleasure after eating candy or getting a like on Instagram. That is dopamine binding to its receptors. Dopamine is often called the pleasure molecule. But it’s more accurate…

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Stories make you, you

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How to decide who you will be Symbol of Hamlet, from Shakespeare, the great storyteller Short version Stories make you, you. Control the flow of information to control the stories that define you. Examine the stories you believe to weed out the erroneous and self-harmful ones Decide how you interpret the world to control the stories you tell yourself In-depth 1. Stories make you, you. Stories make us human. We think we learn facts. We think our model of the world is a database. But it’s not. Robots act based on databases, not…

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You are a hyper-carnivore

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Yet might choose to be vegetarian Format observation: My posts tend to run very long and I appreciate they can be hard to read. I am trying out a new approach to combat this: each post will have a short version and then an in-depth version following it. You can read only the short. Or if it is really interesting, also read the in-depth version. Let me know what you think about this. Short version Our Paleolithic past makes us need meat, but also predisposes some of us to adopt vegetarianism .…

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You know nothing Jon Snow

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And neither does anybody else 1. The famous phrase ‘You know nothing Jon Snow’ from Game of Thrones always made me wonder. I thought it was meant to make Jon aware that he was in a different world with different rules than what he knew. But it felt pompous. Ygritte who first utters this to Jon Snow means to tell him that he knows nothing of Wildings and life north of the Wall. But the events show that neither Ygritte nor the Wildings know that much. The phrase applies to them…

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