How to Build an Ideal Life

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Victor Rotariu
Victor Rotariu

Writing a book about how the problems of normal life come from the incompatibility of the modern world with our Paleolithic mind and body.
Speaker, coach, strategist, psychologist, mathematician, researcher

What is the Ideal Life newsletter?

It details my research and thoughts on how to improve normal life. Normal life is what you get when you have material security, as do most people in the developed world, and don’t suffer from any mental, emotional, social or physical health problems outside of the norm. Most people with the opportunity to read this live normal lives.

I have a unique approach to improving normal life. I start from the basic truth that Homo Sapiens evolved for a specific lifestyle in a specific environment. As we have spent 90%+ of the existence of our species in the Paleolithic wilderness as hunter-gatherers, this is the lifestyle.

Our modern problems are caused by the incompatibility of our evolution and the modern world we have created. This might come from biological incompatibility. For example obesity comes in part from the unique way we process fructose and how we evolved to gorge on it.

But it also comes from psychological incompatibility. We have an unconscious model of the world that governs our behaviour. This model is optimized for the Paleolithic world. As it evolves at a biological level, it has not changed to adapt to the modern world. Although we have a superficial layer of conscious decision-making, most of our behaviour is driven by the unconscious. Our bad decisions come from the fact that we apply a model of the Paleolithic to the modern world.

The newsletter gets into deep exploration of how these factors lead to most modern problems. Some of these problems: depression, addictions, lack of meaning, xenophobia and racism, loneliness, fractured reality, procrastination, inability to control attention, sexual abuse, murder and violence, destruction of the Earth, debt, inequality, consumerism, complaining, attention seeking, recklessness, stress and anxiety, envy, lying and hypocrisy, sedentarism, obesity, chronic illnesses, self-sabotage.

The newsletter has explanations which will get you thinking about how to address these problems yourself. But it also has strategies, tools and tactics to solve the problems based on this deep understanding.

I am writing a book which gets into deep detail on all of these problems. The newsletter is a way to get digestible explanations and strategies that you can use right now to make your life better by optimizing for your Paleolithic mind and body.